One man described how a videotaped incident made him fear for his life, just as the American George Floyd must have done.

The video posted online shows a police officer beating Shane Price, stamping his injured foot and knocking him to the ground on the A46 near Newark.

During the incident on Wednesday, Shane can be heard politely addressing the officer before he is grabbed by the throat and repeatedly asks, “What are you doing? What you are doing?.

The cop’s first physical contact with Shane. (47672893)

Shane can also be asked to ask the policeman not to harm him because he has a chainsaw injury to his foot. He kicks off his shoe so the officer can see the seams, but the officer stamps his foot before pressing it to the ground.

The officer can be heard on the video that Shane’s wife, Sherry, filmed from her van calling for help over a radio.

Shane, a traveler, told the advertiser that he was afraid for his life and could only think of the American George Floyd, who died by a US police officer. He said he also couldn’t breathe while pinned to the ground.

Footage from the video shows Shane Price being attacked by a Lincolnshire police officer.  (47672890)Footage from the video shows Shane Price being attacked by a Lincolnshire police officer. (47672890)

“I drove down the A46 towards Lincoln to get something to eat with my wife. When I turned on my indicator, it flew behind me and when it came next to me, it took a picture,” said Shane.

“Obviously I was concerned about the photo of him and my wife and me using his phone while driving. I flashed him and when I did he stopped. I asked him why he was taking pictures and using his phone .

“I told him that it was illegal and that he could not have focused fully on the street and crashed into anything.

“Then he grabbed my arm and neck and pushed me to the fence. I got panic and scared, I was worried about my wife – I didn’t know what was going on and this gentleman started contacting me physically.

The officer's hand on Shane's throat.The officer’s hand on Shane’s throat.

“He never told me he was a cop or part of the law. I thought he looked like a security guard. He should know the law because he is the law.

“I asked him to take his hand off my throat and said I couldn’t breathe, I asked him that repeatedly and he kept going.

“At no point did I cause him a threat, but then he slapped me in the face – and you need to understand the size that is different between me and this gentleman.

“My wife is very petite so she couldn’t get out of the van and say something, he might have hit her.

“With my chainsaw injury on my foot from tree surgery, I explained to him that he hurt it. I took off my shoe and showed it to him, but then he hit me in the face and decided to wrestle.

Footage from the video shows Shane Price being attacked by a Lincolnshire police officer.  (47672865)

“He brutally abused me. I was too scared to fight back, I’m being honest with you – I was scared for my life.

“Then he decides to step on my foot as you can see on the video and then I walked over. Then he tried to hold my neck and again I said, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’ .

Footage from the video shows Shane Price being approached by a Lincolnshire police officer.  (47672859)This shows the police officers pulling out his handcuffs before the video is interrupted.  (47672862)

“All on my mind was, ‘This gentleman is going to kill me’.

“I’m just on the side of the highway with my wife and that huge gentleman never told me he was an officer and just brutally hit me.

“He told me, ‘if you move, I’ll hurt you’.

“People need to understand that the lives of gypsies and travelers are important too.”

While Shane is on the ground, the officer gets off him, walks to his own vehicle, and returns with a pair of handcuffs when the video is interrupted.

Shane, 20, from Newark, and a tree surgeon told the advertiser that the officer’s call for help appeared to have been answered by Lincolnshire police.

Shane and his wife, Sherry, who filmed what happened.  (47672918)Shane and his wife Sherry videotaping what happened. (47672918)

A police car arrived, Shane was arrested and taken to the Lincoln City Center Police Station, where he was held for several hours before being released for investigation.

The officer, who appeared to be wearing a police uniform with a bomber jacket over it, was allowed to leave the scene of the incident.

Shane said the officer was called to the police station to make an afterthought.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “At around 9:20 pm on Wednesday, May 26, a man in his twenties was arrested just off the A46 near Aubourn.

“He was arrested on suspicion of having a knife blade or something sharp. and on suspicion of attacking an emergency worker. He was released as part of an investigation.

“Following this incident, an officer was released from normal duty pending a review and investigation by our professional standards department.

“We will not comment further during this investigation.”

Regarding owning an item with blades, Shane said he was on his way to pick up food straight from work in his tree surgery cart and that most of his equipment was equipped with blades.