Carol Scherling / THE REVIEW
Delaware is close to several cool and exciting destinations.

Senior reporter

It’s finally looking good – the weather is getting warmer, people are being vaccinated and a return to normal life is in sight. We are all done cooped up and ready to go out into the world and really enjoy life again.

However, buying a plane ticket and really getting away is not for everyone. Fortunately, Delaware is very close to some cool and exciting destinations.

So if you’re going a little crazy and want to adventure in Newark for the day, I’ve put together a list of multiple destinations that are no more than a little over two hours from campus (perfect for a small day trip).

Goal 1: Lums Pond State Park

This is super close to campus (only 20 minutes away) so a very easy option for anyone looking to get away from Newark for a few hours. You can hike, bring a bike, prepare a picnic, or paddle around the pond. It’s a great place to be one with nature.

Goal 2: Historic new castle

Another option that is very close and easy is a visit to the historic new castle. Just half an hour from campus, you can relax in a park on the Delaware River or stroll the cobblestone streets. There are also plenty of restaurants and cute antique shops. It’s an excellent change of scenery and a very easy journey.

Destination 3: Longwood Gardens (have a bite to eat in Kennett Square)

The well-known Longwood Gardens are just 18 miles north of campus and cause unconscious Instagram posts. On 1,000 hectares of land, you will find thousands of different types of plants, all of which are beautifully arranged. Put on a cute outfit and take lots of photos among the flowers. Since you are already in Kennett Square, you can also have a nice meal downtown afterwards.

Objective 4: Nemours Estate

In Wilmington, you’ll find Delaware’s own little Versailles. The Nemours Mansion and Garden is a beautiful property that Alfred DuPont built for his second wife in the early 20th century. It’s the largest French-inspired garden in North America and it will definitely take your breath away.

Destination 5: Philadelphia, PA

It’s no secret that the exciting city of Philadelphia is only about an hour from campus and there are tons of things to do there: explore US history, enjoy a cheesesteak, admire art, see a Phillies game, shop, up to run the Rocky Steps – you name it. Just 46 miles from campus is one of the largest cultural centers on the east coast. So why not benefit from it?

Goal 6: Turkey Point Lighthouse

I don’t know about you, but for some reason my parents always took me to lighthouses from a young age. Why exactly is a mystery to me (maybe they were trying to tire us out with all the stairs). For this reason I associate lighthouses with holidays. Fortunately, the Turkey Point Lighthouse is only 35 km from the campus. It is located on a beautiful cliff overlooking Chesapeake Bay. Even if lighthouses aren’t your thing, there is still something to look forward to.

Goal 7: Delaware Beaches

For those with summer on their mind, Delaware has some great beaches, from Rehoboth to Bethany. You can explore their boardwalks, lie in the sand, get a tan and even get in the water if you dare to do this at this time of year. I can’t think of a better way to pretend it’s already summer than to go to the beach.

Destination 8: Annapolis, MD

As a Marylander, I must campaign to visit the capital, Annapolis. There are so many beautiful historic buildings and picturesque streets to admire. And of course I’ll say it, so get ready: try the crabs. I won’t say more about this as I know all Marylanders and their crabs are fed up. My personal favorite thing to do downtown is grabbing an ice cream and finding a spot by the water.

Destination 9: Cape May, NJ

Another one for the beach lovers! Personally, I’ve never been here, but I’ve just heard amazing things. There are not only great beaches, but also many shops, restaurants and another lighthouse. This would definitely be a great place to check out if you haven’t already.

Destination 10: Washington, DC

That’s right – our nation’s capital is only about two hours from Newark. There is so much to do in DC, and there are more monuments and museums than I would be willing to put into counting. One place I definitely recommend checking out in the area is Georgetown; It’s super cute and has lots of great places to eat and shop. Also, if you can go to the monuments late at night, I definitely recommend it. Be safe, of course, but I was visiting the Lincoln Memorial with some friends at 1am. and it’s one of my favorite memories of DC – all of these places get very quiet at night.

Destination 11: New York, NY

To end this list, I’m not going to recommend any other than one of the most famous cities in the world, which seems to be destroyed in 90% of action films (ok, I admit that’s an exaggeration). This is a little over two hours away, but there are so many easy ways to get there, from the train to the bus. Unfortunately, I can’t possibly list all of the activities in NYC as the options are really endless.

However, I would recommend exploring some more funky neighborhoods. Whenever people tell me they don’t like New York I ask if they’ve seen anything other than Times Square and the rest of Midtown’s mayhem, and the answer is usually no. Even if you are not a city dweller, there has to be at least one place in the five boroughs that speaks to you.

One of the best things about Newark is that it’s kind of in the middle of everything; Here you will find some of the best cities in the United States, great beaches, historical destinations, and all kinds of nature. The weather is getting better every day so start exploring!