NEWARK, NJ (AP) – When a traveler was struck at Newark Liberty International Airport, police received assistance from a prominent doctor: Mehmet Oz. The incident occurred late Monday night when port officer Jeffrey Croissant met the 60-year-old man in the Saw falling to the ground near a baggage claim.

Croissant called for assistance and immediately began CPR on the unidentified man who was not breathing and appeared to have no pulse, according to port authorities.

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When another person came to help, Croissant didn’t immediately realize it was Oz, the heart surgeon and longtime moderator of “Dr. Oz Show ”which happened to be around.

The two of them performed CPR on the man together until three other officers brought in oxygen and a defibrillator for the man, who eventually recovered a pulse and was taken to a hospital for examination.

“What could be nicer than having a heart surgeon?” Said Croissant afterwards.

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Oz told Good Morning America that his daughter drew his attention to the man and that when he turned around he saw the man lying on the floor with a pool of blood by his head.

The defibrillator “diagnosed that his heart had stopped as I thought when I couldn’t get a pulse,” said Oz. “It told us to step back. And you’ve seen those movies where the patient is shocked and jerking off the floor? That’s exactly what happened. Usually the heart doesn’t start again … in this case his heart started like in the movie. “

Oz has come to the aid of the injured on numerous occasions.

In 2015, rescue workers arriving at the New Jersey Turnpike accident site found that Oz was treating two injured people. And two years earlier, he was helping a British tourist whose foot was severed when a cab driver jumped the curb at Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan.

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