By Corey Atad. March 15, 2021, 10:57 a.m.

It’s a really happy reunion for Joe and Dr. Oz.

The two first came into being when Joe had a sudden heart attack at Newark Airport.

Dr. Oz, who had just flown into the airport, helped save the man’s life with Port Authority Police Officer Jeffrey Croissant.

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. @ ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: @DrOZ meets again with the man whose life he saved at Newark Airport. @ ReeveWill has the story.

– Good Morning America (@GMA) March 15, 2021

Now, for the first time since the incident, all three are in the episode of “The Dr. Oz Show ”on Monday to talk about the experience.

“How was it when you finally came out of the hospital, stepped into your house, where you shouldn’t go that evening without the slight detour of a life-threatening event, and found that you had made it. Was that emotional for you? “Dr. Oz asks Joe.

“Yes. It was emotional meeting my wife for the first time. I hugged her and it was very emotional,” says Joe. His wife Barbara adds, “We both cried. I couldn’t believe it.”

Joe also talks about some of his past health issues that led to the incident, and tells Dr. Oz: “In 2006 there was a triple bypass. I went in then and it was totally successful at the time. “

When asked if he changed his lifestyle after this operation, Joe says, “Yes, changed, but then like everyone else we have to do things that we don’t have to. We have to eat. We have to drink and maybe I did it too much. But after 15 years something gave up. “

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Dr. Recalling the fear at the airport, Oz says, “So it’s emotional because when I see you come back to life I think we are connected and we will always be connected. Barbara, you and I were even talking about it that evening when we got into the ambulance. What do you remember when the luggage came out, what may have warned you it was about to happen, and what do you remember about resuscitation, CPR? “

“Nothing,” Joe tells him.

“Nothing?” Asks Dr. Oz.

“I remember looking at the baggage carousel like this,” explains Joe. “I remember looking at a friend of ours and going out.”

The two also take time to thank Officer Croissant, to which the officer replies, “Well, it’s great to see how well you are. Everyone is happy about your recovery, not just all the other police officers who were there that night, but also the entire agency. “