The second phase of the government’s “roadmap” made up of lockdown kicks next week after Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed it would go as planned.

From the reopening of all stores to pubs where customers can be welcomed into beer gardens, the following will change from Monday.

To reopen all shops

Retailers will be happy when their registers ring again as all stores that are classified as “non-essential” are allowed to reopen.

They have closed signs in the windows since the third lockdown began on Jan. 6.

As a further boost for clothing stores, changing rooms will also be allowed when they reopen so that shoppers can try on items.

Many malls have reiterated their intention to reopen with social distancing measures.

Newark city center on the first day of the third national lockdown. Corner of Baldertongate. (43828713)

Hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.

The wait for that long overdue haircut is almost over.

For those who have skipped the DIY option, the highly anticipated trip to the hairdresser or salon is likely high on the priority list and will reopen on Monday.

But for anyone who has not booked, the wait could continue as the demand for their services will be high.

The rules allow all contact services like nail poles to resume trading as well.

Eating and drinking outdoors

It is arguably what many are looking forward to the most as restaurants and pubs are allowed to reopen.

However, there will be a number of conditions – food and drinks will only be served to customers seated outdoors and only table service will be offered.

However, you can forget the debate about whether or not a Scottish egg is an essential meal as there is no need to have food with drinks.

There won’t be a curfew either, so it’s up to the landlord if they want to kick you out.

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