Rendering of the proposed project in Newark. Image courtesy Inglese Architecture + Engineering.

A new mixed-use building is being planned on the site of a parking lot in Newark’s Fairmount district. In contrast to many other development proposals in the city, however, this plan does not provide for housing or retail space in line with the market.

West Market Owners, LLC plans to build the six-story building on the corner of West Market Street and Littleton Avenue in the shadow of the two towers of Georgia King Village.

The proposed development would include 78 “affordable housing units” in an 8,000-square-foot medical facility, according to an October 26 memo by Gerard Haizel of the Nishuane Group to the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment. Haizel’s memo states that there would be 23 studios, 29 one-bedroom units, 20 two-bedroom units, six three-bedroom units, and 20 parking spaces.

The health center would be operated by Langan Engineering from the University Hospital, according to an October 24 public announcement and a July letter to the Newark city government.

“While the suggested medical use is not permitted in the zone, the inclusion throughout the Georgia King Village complex and proximity to the Rutgers Medical School campus make the location of the property reasonable in my opinion. Haizel wrote, adding that “the proposed medical component of the development will be relatively isolated from the residential component of the building.”

Langan’s letter also states that “of the total of 78 units, approximately 16 are reserved for those in need of support services,” with the statement that “these approximately 16 support units are reserved for tenants with a history of homelessness and dependency be in the emergency room of the university hospital for primary health care. “

Inglese Architecture + Engineering site plans published by West Market Owners, LLC, a Newark City employee, at the same Larchmont, New York address that is used by L + M Development Partners. L + M has been associated with Georgia King Village for more than four years.

Jersey Digs first reported in July that development of this site was possible. During a meeting at the time the Newark Central Planning Board was clearing a smaller subdivision for this property, Attorney Marsha Moore advised board members that a residential unit and health facility project may be planned.

The Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment is expected to hear this motion during its session on Zoom tonight, Thursday, November 5th at 6:00 p.m.

Notice to Readers: The dates on which motions from the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment and other commissions are to be heard are subject to change.