NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) – App company Audible gave over $ 1 million to Newark restaurants to help feed the community.

To date, 18 restaurants in Newark have served 100,000 meals at $ 10 per meal.

All of this was funded with $ 1.5 million from Audible, the giant app company best known for podcasts and audiobooks to feed the elderly and poor in Newark.

“Basically, Audible and World Central Kitchen came to our rescue, and we were back up and running next Wednesday,” said Roberts Pizzeria owner Josh Martin.

Before that, Martin had to lay people off and the business had to be closed. Now Roberts Pizzeria, La Cucina, McGoverns Tavern and 15 other Newark restaurants prepare customized meals for hungry people.

McGovern’s Irish Pub, owned by Mike Nagle, has been around since 1936.

“We’re used to being this college bar with police, fire departments, lawyers, and doctors, and we’re right about Rutgers Newark and NJIT,” said Nagle. “Now we have a different purpose. It makes us come to work every day.”

Nagle says they cook baked chicken, rice, vegetables, meatballs, and eggplant.

“Audible actually sends one of their vans with a driver to pick up the meals and they go to retirement homes and low-income homes,” Martin said.

Nagle and Martin say their families are in the mix, including Martin’s sister, Ally, who is pregnant and who works on the books from home.

Nagle says that because of Audible, they can put a lot of people on hold.

“It was pretty much the savior of our business,” said Nagle.

It’s a win all round.

CLICK HERE for more information or to make a donation to the Community Foundation of New Jersey.


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