One of the best MMORPGs on earth, RuneScape has over 300 million accounts and is recognized as one-of-a-kind. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert; this game has something for everyone!

Nowadays, several gamers are buying RuneScape accounts since they take plenty of hard work, time, and patience. Many players out there have decided to take a shortcut and buy OSRS accounts online.

What To Consider When Buying A RuneScape Account?

First of all, you want to know who the seller is. Is he/she independent or does this person work for a company? Does s/he have positive feedback and reputation within our community as well as with other communities that deal in RuneScape?

When you’re buying from a well-established business that trains their accounts by hand and are the original owners, you can be pretty sure that you’re safe. The most danger comes from “one-time” sellers, which are people that randomly try to sell a single RuneScape account for sometimes an attractive price. They’ve got nothing to lose compared to people who seriously sell accounts in large amounts because they’re making a living off it, and their business and job are at stake if they attempt to recover an account.

Some people may try to sell RuneScape accounts in one-time deals when they have nothing invested because that’s all the seller has, but you can be sure if it’s a well-established business with original owners. The most danger comes from “one-time” sellers who randomly put up an offer for sale and take whatever offer comes up first from a future buyer.

Watch Out For RuneScape Scammers

Once a scammer has your account, they will get all that hard-earned progress back in return as well and may even sell it for more money because of all the progress you’ve made.

Buying a RuneScape account on the black market can be risky. This is because there are people who want to scam you with your purchase, so they’ll give up quick cash by selling their accounts and then let you play for a while before taking back what’s theirs – making it seem like someone hacked into them when really they just recovered the account they sold.

When you’re buying an RS account, it is essential to know the IP address of when and where your account was created. It should also come with all previous passwords so that if anything happens like losing access, you can recover it easily.

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