The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is expanding across the Garden State. Photo courtesy Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

An Asian-influenced restaurant aiming for a modernized throwback will be traveling to New Jersey on a massive scale in the coming months, as the restaurant’s two upcoming locations include a store in the state’s largest city.

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is expected to open its flagship store in Manhattan soon. The concept comes from restaurant owner Stratis Morfogen, one of the partners behind Brooklyn Chop House and owner of several well-known New York establishments such as Philippe Chow, Club Rouge and Gotham City Diner.

The company will use an “automatic” system, updated for the 21st century, that will allow diners to place an order using their phone or one of the restaurant’s touchless kiosks. Customers then collect their food from a temperature-controlled grocery cabinet, and many Brooklyn Dumpling Shop locations are said to be open 24 hours a day.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop expands New Jersey's locker systemA machine for the 21st century. Photo courtesy Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

Jersey Digs broke news back in February of a Hoboken location operated by franchisee Nick Desai. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has now partnered with Fransmart for eight units for additional spots across the Garden State.

The company has already signed leases for outposts in Newark and Montclair, but the exact addresses are yet to be released. The restaurant says three more locations are being planned in New Jersey and Morfogen expects a total of 16 to 20 units to be built in New Jersey.

“We’re so excited to have Nick [Desai] and his partners are joining the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop family, ”said Morfogen. “After getting to know him and his team and all of their successful businesses, I know we can do a New Jersey takeover in this great state.”

Desai, a native of New Jersey, seems equally excited about the opportunity. “Hearing the story of how this concept came to life and appreciating the over 100 years of collective restaurant eurship that Stratis is bringing to this fast food restaurant was enough to know this is a winner,” said Desai.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop expands New Jersey dumplingsLots of dumplings. Photo courtesy Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The menu at the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is by Chef Skinny Mei and includes 32 unique dumplings with savory flavors like pastrami, bacon cheeseburger, lamb gyro, Philly cheesesteak or reuben that balance the lighter dishes of spanakopita, French onion soup or peanut butter jelly.

Vegetarian dishes will be well represented in the restaurant with dumplings such as an edamame in white truffle broth, an “impossible” burger or a crispy aubergine from the farmers’ market. Some traditional soup dumplings like matzo balls or wonton can be customized with three different broths.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop expands New Jersey PastramiThe pastrami dumpling. Photo courtesy Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is open 24/7 and serves several croissant-shaped “breakfast dumplings”. Some hot and frozen dessert dumplings like a fried apple or frozen hot chocolate ice cream are offered.

When the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is operational, it is open seven days a week and is delivered by all third-party ordering platforms. An opening schedule for the Newark and Montclair stores has yet to be set.