The program provides a holistic solution to the challenges of small business owners in housing and business building that are preventing millions from moving up the economic ladder

Makerhoods is pleased to announce that the application process is now open for the Newark Makerhoods Live / Work program. The application window is from April 12th to May 14th, 2021.

Located in Newark’s Central Ward, the Newark Makerhoods Live / Work program is designed to encourage makers, artisans, and other creative individuals who want to grow their passions and small businesses into thriving businesses. Given the rising cost of housing and commercial space in the area and the increasingly difficult task of building and maintaining a profitable business, Makerhoods’ mission is to help people build profitable businesses that create wealth, secure futures and intergenerational prosperity.

For an affordable monthly price, those enrolled in the program get an apartment, a separate commercial space for light industry to do business, and business services – all in an active, supportive community.

Avi Telyas, Founder of Makerhoods, said, “We are thrilled to be giving the hardworking creators this opportunity and helping them accelerate their business growth through our Live / Work program. We can’t wait to watch them thrive!” “

Makerhoods has compiled resources to help people submit strong applications, and also runs application support workshops.

More information can be found here.

About makerhoods

Makerhoods is bringing the popular, traditional “life above the store” model that supported families, inspired entrepreneurship, and built sustainable communities for decades into the digital age. Makerhoods integrates affordable housing, space for light manufacturing, the creative explosion of the “maker movement”, business support and a shared digital platform to support an entirely new paradigm for catalyzing economic development.

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