• OTG deploys Amazon Go’s Just Walk Out technology at the Cibo Express Gourmet Market airport locations.
  • The first stores are now open at Newark Liberty International Airport in Terminal C of United Airlines. In the coming years, they are to be expanded across the entire OTG network.
  • We visited one of the newest locations and were blown away with the ease of use.
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Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport is a retail lover’s paradise.

United Airlines’ walls are filled with shops and restaurants that put other airports in the region to shame, with the exception of the newly built Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. It is also arguably the most technologically advanced, with self-service checkouts where users can use United MileagePlus points and tablets to pay to order groceries at almost any table at almost any gate.

The latest additions to the terminal include two Cibo Express Gourmet Markets. While most flyers will recognize the name, they may not recognize these new stores as they use Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, unlike other Cibo Express locations.

Using the same technology used in Amazon Go stores, OTG started rolling out Just Walk Out in its stores in March, just like the pandemic. And eight months later, when the flyers return to heaven, proves to be the perfect solution for the airport retail experience.

With a quick scan of a credit card, customers can hop on, get what they need, and hop off in minutes, if not seconds. No more cashiers, no more queues and no more waiting.

Visited and peeked into one of the newest stores while visiting Newark.