1. Examine the works: Ohio Center for History, Art, and Technology

The plant, named after the building’s original residents, Scheidler Machine Works, features works ranging from art to technology to manufacturing. History, art, and engineering are often viewed as different disciplines. The work: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology is at the intersection of these fields and shows that the areas are intertwined.

Learning through playful activities in this center combines scientific concepts with real applications. The museum offers hands-on STEM activities for all ages. An example is the SciDome planetarium with a 30-foot 4K projection.

The works aren’t just for children, and many rooms are geared towards adults. The art gallery on the ground floor has free entry. The hottest area in the entire center is the glass blowing demonstrations, which are offered throughout the day. Pre-registration allows you to make your own hot glass. If you’re more of a shopper, you can buy hand blown glass pieces. If you want to buy ornaments for your Christmas tree on your travels, this is a place to go shopping.

Pro tip: While this center has intrigued me, even your youngest grandchild will find activities that are appropriate for their ages.

2. Explore the Newark Earthworks

The Newark Earthworks were founded between 100 BC. And 500 AD and were partly cemetery, partly temple and partly astronomical observatory. It was built by the Hopewell culture and is the largest geometric earthwork in the world.

The Octagon Earthworks consists of a circular earth case connected to an octagonal room by a short section of parallel walls. One area of ​​the Newark Earthworks includes the Octagon Earthworks. The circle consists of about 20 acres and the octagon about 50 acres.

Roughly 1,200 feet from ridge to ridge, the circular mound ranges in height from 4 to 14 feet. Built as a ceremonial center, in the middle of the enclosed space, the Eagle Mound, visitors can see the entire perimeter of the Great Circle. It takes about an hour to explore the site. The Great Circle Museum is also located there.

Pro tip: The website offers guided tours from July to October.