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5 Most Popular Types of Caravans and the Awnings that go with them

Jan 28

It's no secret that Australia is one of the best destinations to explore - but how do we get to these idyllic locations?


We have an unlimited number of scenic beaches and friendly wildlife, unique tourist attractions, and great tucker - talk about hitting the jackpot! There are so many ways to travel around our beautiful country so why not do it in one of the most popular types of Caravans?


There's a large range of Caravans bound to suit you are your travel needs. Here is a bit of information about our Top 5 Supreme Modes of Transport that you can hit the road with this Summer. But wait, we can't just stop there. You need an Awning to really make the most of your vehicle. An awning is pivotal for any caravan - it is the outdoor entertaining area, the additional sleeping quarters, the kids biggest cubby house, and the best thing yet is they are pretty easy to set-up. So let's also take a look at the best Awnings for each Caravan type.


Full-Body Caravan

  • Full Size with four solid walls and full height roof

  • Has single or dual axles and is heavier and larger

  • Awnings generally Roll-Out, occasionally Electric

  • Overhead cabinets are normally higher


  • Normally more luxurious interiors and can be converted vans or buses

  • Awnings generally Roll-Out, occasionally Box

  • No need for a separate towing vehicle or components

  • Many have solar panels on the roof and a battery bank

Pop-Top Caravan

  • Hard roof that extends upwards

  • Hard walls at waist height and canvas walls when raised

  • Awnings generally Roll-Out, sometimes Box

  • More aerodynamic when towing

Camper Trailer

  • Canvas-like tent structure with a solid-sided trailer base

  • Awning generally Bagged or Box

  • Easy to tow and easy to store


  • Off-road style caravan with extra suspension features and higher chassis

  • Extended pop-top area

  • Awnings generally Box


Roll Out Awning

  • Best suited for full caravans, pop-tops and flat sided motorhomes

  • Not suitable for curved walled vehicles or camper trailers

  • Is circular on the side/awning case

  • 2x separate components for complete installation

  • Brands: Carefree, Dometic

Box Awning

  • Ideal for camper trailers or curved walled vehicles or hybrid vehicles

  • Scissor arms that fold back in

  • Easy, one person setup

  • Brands: Fiamma, Thule

Bagged Awning

  • Only suitable for Camper Trailers

  • Stored in bag installed on van

  • Requires two people for set up

  • Brands: Jayco

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