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Tips to recruit better restaurant Staff

Apr 11


It's hard to find and retain high-quality talent within the restaurant business. The people who don't have a passion about the restaurant and are merely looking for work in casual or mid-tier restaurants often make up the majority of the pool of talent. It can be difficult to find qualified and highly-trained talents at a cost that is affordable for establishments that serve fine food.

After a restaurant has hired the right person, it has to think about how to keep the talent in place. Restaurant industry workers turnover is alarming at 66.3 percent.

If you don't plan carefully regarding who and what you choose to hire, it will be difficult to achieve long-term positive results for your restaurant's business. Here are five suggestions that will help restaurant recruiters to identify and keep the top talent.

1. Always Be Looking

Many establishments wait until they are able to recruit new staff before they look for new employees. There is a lot of room for error once the time has come. Otherwise, the restaurant will be impacted by being understaffed.


Even though you might not have open positions in your restaurant, it is vital to search constantly for qualified employees. Even if you've got all the staff, keep developing your pool of talent. If you've got a prescreened list of potential candidates, you'll be able to quickly move.


2. Encourage employees to refer others

People tend to be close to people with similar skills and traits. Ask your staff to refer any person they believe is an appropriate candidate to the job. Employees won't recommend anyone if they do not believe that the person is a suitable fit based on their skills and behaviour. As the final judge, referrals can be an excellent start.


3. Always conduct background checks

Even if you think you're a great reader, anyone can fool you. A magnetic personality can charm even the most untrained candidates during the interview process.


Conduct your own research to get a better understanding of the candidate. Ask for references and talk with the previous employers. It is also recommended to conduct a background search. The checks are usually easy, quick, and affordable. They can also help you save money in the future.


4. The Best Technology

They're confident that they'll make good employees. They are able to find jobs easily and are able to choose from a variety of jobs. In order to attract the best talent, you must impress them.


A great way to make your establishment more attractive is to offer the latest technology to make employees' jobs easier. A state-of the-art point of sale (POS) system is one example. It can make your restaurant stand out against competitors who use old equipment.


5. Provide attractive and practical benefits

While a competitive salary is essential however, what other benefits can you provide your employees? Although full-time employees are entitled to pension and healthcare benefits however, they don't need to be costly.


Sometimes, the greatest benefits are the most practical. Professionals working in the restaurant industry are attracted by flexible schedules, more break times, longer vacation days or even free meals.


It's also important to discuss the restaurant’s strategy to encourage upward mobility. If employees feel they have the chance to progress and grow at the company, they're less likely to leave.


Your restaurant is likely to be a failure if you hire incompetent and unqualified workers. Talented people who are driven and have a sense of discipline will help you grow. Although it is impossible to attribute restaurant success to any single factor, having the right talent is certainly one of the most important ingredients in this recipe.

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