NEWARK, CA – Could your baby be Gerber’s new face? Get your phones out and find your most impressive photo, parents – it’s time to find out.

Gerber’s annual photo search is back and is accepting applications for his newest spoke baby. Now, in its eleventh year, the baby food company originally launched its annual search after parents sent it tons of photos in hopes of seeing their little one in Gerber’s iconic baby logo.

However, the search for America’s cutest infant or toddler has introduced a new perk for this year’s winner.

The chosen child will not only serve as the company’s official spokesperson, but will also take on a brand new honorary role in Gerber’s C-Suite as Chief Growing Officer.

Applicants for the position must be “between 0 and 48 months old, have infectious giggles, a bright personality, and the ability to melt hearts with cuteness – no corporate experience required,” according to a press release.

Handing over the Spokesbaby wand will be the 2020 photo search winner. Magnolia Earl of Ross, California, was selected last year after her “joyful expressions, playful smile, and warm, engaging gaze” won the hearts of judges.

Magnolia was selected from more than 327,000 entries.

Babies of all origins are encouraged to apply. If you choose this option, your baby will be featured in Gerber marketing campaigns and on the company’s social media challenges. The winning baby will also receive a cash prize of US $ 25,000 and Gerber products.

Entries will be accepted until May 10th at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Parents can apply for Gerber Photo Search 2021 on the company’s website and learn more.

– Written by Megan VerHelst / Patch