Proposed adaptive reuse location: 188 Market Street, Newark. Render through the application.

Two buildings next to each other a few meters from the Four Corners in downtown Newark are the subject of requests for their upper floors to be converted into apartments.

Motions filed with the Newark City Government show that 10 units are planned for the Spingarn building at 188 Market Street, while four units are proposed next door at 186 Market Street.

The “applicant also proposes to build a common core between the buildings at 186 Market Street and 188 Market Street, which will contain an elevator shaft and a staircase,” according to one of the proposals. The Urban Architecture & Design Studio is listed as an architect for both projects.

There is a GNC store on the first floor at 186 Market Street, while there is a Dunkin location on the first floor at 188 Market Street. Despite the proposed adaptive reuse upstairs, reports from city workers suggest these two companies would persist. The reports also show that the housing units would range from 365 to 405 square feet.

188 Market Street Newark Proposed ChangesThe proposed changes. Render through the application.

The National Park Service’s 2000 Four Corners Historic District registration form states that both the six-story Spingarn building and the three-story building at 186 Market Street were constructed in 1895. The latter building once housed Murray’s famous bar and restaurant, while the Spingarn, according to the document, a building was built for a company called Spingarn Men’s Outfitter.

The plans for these two properties are similar to previous proposals for other buildings further east on Market Street, such as the nearby Bonnell Building.

List of municipal tax returns 186 Market, LLC as the owner of 186 Market Street and 188 Market, LLC as the owner of 188 Market Street. The address provided for both LLCs is the same mailbox listed as the company’s mailing address on the Paramount Assets website.

These two requests are scheduled to be submitted to the Newark Central Planning Board during a Zoom meeting on Monday, January 25th at 6:00 p.m.

Notice to Readers: The dates on which motions from the Newark Central Planning Board and other commissions are to be heard are subject to change.